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The Fab Few takes a lean approach to consultancy, saving you time and money. There's no need for large teams of consultants

We place our highly-skilled consultants into key roles in your business to accelerate your product design and development

We create and launch amazing digital products, from mobile apps to enterprise platforms, adding business value


We augment and up-skill your existing teams, increasing their efficiency 

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Our Approach
Our Approach

The Fab Few brings passion to product development of all shapes and sizes

All of our consultants are hand picked, highly regarded and have at least 10 years of industry experience. We have collectively solved some of the most complex product problems out there

Our Vision
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Founded in 2017, The Fab Few recognised there should be a different approach to consulting

Our vision is to make consultancy lean. With The Fab Few you get quality, not quantity. We use high-calibre consultants who add business value in a cost-effective way. We never use recent graduates 



Financial Times

What we did: The Fab Few led FT’s membership platform, handling millions of customer transactions each week. We delivered new features which contributed to 10% year on year growth in digital subscribers and reduced operating costs. We also improved ways of working across a distributed team of 50, restructuring, up-skilling and increasing morale

Why we're proud: We carried out a complex migration of newspaper customers from legacy systems into the membership platform, providing a single customer view, better insights and GDPR compliance

Technology: Microservices with AWS, Node, Cassandra, Kafka


What we did: The Fab Few launched a brand new market-intelligence startup for Nikkei and Financial Times, called scoutAsia. We owned product discovery, strategy and delivery, rolling out many new features to increase engagement and customer satisfaction 

The productscoutAsia uses news, data and machine learning to reveal insights and speed up investor research 

Why we're proud: We grew subscribers by 1400% after the launch phase. We increased team empowerment by introducing outcome-led development (OKRs)

Technology: AWS, React, Typescript, Neo4j Elastic Search

Springer Nature

What we did: The Fab Few led a cross-functional team of consultants to design and launch a brand new highly-scalable product. All features were delivered on time, including an API, a search engine and a marketing site


The product: GetFTR enables faster access to academic journals for researchers. It improves user experience and drives traffic to publishers 


Why we're proud: The product received high praise from researchers in usability testing and during the pilot phase. Multiple discovery services have integrated with GetFTR

Technology: React, Node, Kinesis, AWS Lambda


What we did: The Fab Few defined a new organisational structure which gave product teams clear ownership of a component, an outcome or a problem. The aim was to increase autonomy and improve culture. We also provided leadership to two agile teams, coaching product managers and defining mission statements. This enabled the teams to prioritise the right work, build a CI pipeline and release value to customers

Why we're proud: Improving culture can be challenging. Our straightforward suggestions won over advocates from across the business




We create digital products by solving customer problems, understanding business goals and increasing collaboration between product, design and engineering. We work across the product lifecycle, from imagining and launching new products to refining mature services 


We improve organisational effectiveness and wellbeing, by creating an environment where teams are empowered. We help enterprise companies achieve a start-up feel and help growth companies scale effectively


We get value to customers as quickly as possible by utilising agile, lean and engineering best practices. Our teams often release to production multiple times a day. We tackle risks up front, introduce early customer validation and develop tailored go-to-market plans


We increase the rate of experimentation and learning by introducing continuous product discovery. We help organisations create new products and new revenue streams. We asses competitive landscapes to identity new opportunities


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